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Complete this quiz and bring it to the Juneteenth Festival for the Answers.

1.    The day that the last of the enslaved Americans were officially set free is known as_____________________________.

2.    The officially recognized date of  “Juneteenth” is:

a) Sep 23, 1862     b) Jun 19, 1865    c) Jul 4, 1863      d) Jan 21, 1863

3.    The Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862 to become effective on what date?

a) Sep 23,1862      b) Jan 1,1863     c) June 19,1863     d) July 4, 1863    

4.    The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, originally contained a  “Slave Clause” condemning the institution of slavery.                     T                F

5.    The name of the segregated TUSD school that educated African Americans up to high school in Tucson and later became Spring Middle School was:

a) G W Carver          b) M L King        c) M Maxwell         d) P L Dunbar

6.    The first African slaves were reported to have been brought to this “country” as early as:

a) 1586                  b) 1800               c) 1619                d) 1702

7.    At one time, 25% of the slaves in this country were Native Americans?                        T             F

8.    General Grainger read the Third General Order, effectively freeing the last of the slaves in what Texas City?

a) Houston            b) San Antonio        c) Galveston          d) Dallas

9.    Which two TUSD schools were named after prominent local African Americans?

a) Maxwell     b) Spring     c) Cavett     d) Oyama     e) Banks     f) Ford

Match the following:

10. _____Mary McLeod Bethune A) Basketball player
11. _____Frederick Douglas B) Underground Railroad Conductor/Escaped Slave
12. _____Charles Drew C) Performed first successful heart operation
13. _____George Washington Carver D) Author - A founder of NAACP
14. _____Crispus Attucks E) Educator/College Founder
15. _____Matthew Henson F) Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff/U.S. Sec'y of State
16. _____Benjamin Banneker G) Escaped Slave/Abolitionist/Author
17. _____Harriet Tubman H) Patriot Killed in Boston Massacre - 1770
18. _____Colin Powell I) Scientist - discovered many uses for peanut
19. _____Daniel Hale Williams J) Greatest Civil Rights Leader/Minister
20. _____ Martin Luther King, Jr. K) Physician/Founder of modern blood bank
21. _____Garret Morgan L) Inventor - Gas Mask and Traffic Signal
22. _____W.E.B. Dubois M) Planned layout of Wash. D.C./Mathematician
23. _____Paul Lawrence Dunbar N) Poet
24. _____Shaquille O'Neal O) North Pole Explorer - First man on top of world

25.  BONUS QUESTION:  Juneteenth is a celebration for African Americans:                  T             F

Hint:  Juneteenth signifies a time in our nation's history when the last of the Americans were declared to be free.  A time when we could truly live up to our founding principals and creed that "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" and when we truly became a "Free Nation - under God."  Juneteenth is not just a celebration - it's about our American History.

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